July 07, 2005

Several injured in London blasts

IT's finally happened Several injured in London blasts, multiple co-ordianted attacks designed to generate the maximum media attention. This was Al Qaida.


I don't think that this can be the work of any other than the Islamists. It has to be a network as a lone nutter cannot set off multiple co-ordinated attacks.

It is unlikely to be the IRA, they go for size rather than spread. The IRA is also getting alot of what it wants at the moment through the balot box having just become the main Nationalist party in Northern Ireland, they are not going to give that up when they are unlikely to gain anything from it.

It is unlikely to be anti-capitalists, they have no track record at all of using bombing as a tactic prefering to use people power instead. The targets where around the City of London area, but none where the kind of financial centers that you would expect should a splinter of anti-capitalists decide to up the ante to bombing.

It is unlikely to be Animal Rights activists, and while they have no problem what so ever with hurting people again the targets are wrong. These where all transport targets which have nothing to do with animal experimentation, or even finanical targets that might fund animal experimentation.

The last actual terrorist attack in the UK was against Gays, but it unlikely that this is the work of rabid homophobe terrorists, the targets are simply not gay enough.

There is only one active group that likes to kill simply for the fear that it induces rather than to make a political point, that is the Islamists.
It is unlikely to


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